Celestial discrimination

Who benefits from the status quo?
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I have an idea! We should judgepeople based on WHEN they were born. We can TELL them what kind of person they are, who they’re compatible with & even what kind of day they’re going to have. If we make it sound like science they’ll just accept it! Nah. No one’s that gullible

— Zero Dean (@ZeroDean) January 22, 2019

Note: I’ll be surprised if I don’t lose a bunch of people over this one. People will always fight for their beliefs even in the face of overwhelming evidence against them. These days, people have a difficult time associating with anyone whose beliefs aren’t identical to their own. Ultimately, this ends up being very dangerous because it doesn’t allow for the possibility of new information or personal growth.

People stick with their beliefs because they only seek out evidence to prove themselves right, not prove themselves wrong. Always remember, correlation does not imply causation.

The position of celestial bodies has never ever ever ever ever been shown to have any effect on how people are or what kind of day they will have. Yes, your experience and your reality are your own, but your personal reality is always biased and a reflection of how you’ve chosen to interpret the experiences of your life. People’s interpretation of experiences isn’t always an accurate reflection of the reality of a situation.

I live in southern California where women openly put in their online dating profiles, “Don’t match with me if you are a [insert astrological sign].” Which is the same thing as saying, “Don’t match with me if you were born in June.” or “We won’t get along if you were born in early summer in the northern hemisphere.”

Who benefits from the status quo?
Things worth aspiring for

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