Feeling powerless in a world full of problems

These are crazy times and difficult to emotionally navigate for many.

It can be hard to think of effective ways to “fix” what’s wrong with the world and very easy to believe that things won’t ever change when we can’t.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in how we think about problems in the world – and our inability to do much of anything about them – that we become demoralized and feel powerless as a result.

Understand that as much as you may want to see things change for the better, you are not responsible for initiating changes on a global level.

It’s important to be mindful of the fact that you can only affect things that are within your power to influence or control. And as limited in scope as this may seem, it is enough to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those you connect with.

And it often starts by doing the kinds of things that you respect & admire when others do them and taking action in ways that you can always be proud of no matter how you are feeling.

Use your gifts for good

Rather than abandon your gift because you can’t find a way to make money from it, consider finding ways to use it to help others. Many of the most successful ventures became successful as a result of assisting people in some way.

Even if the way in which you help others doesn’t generate an income, helping others always provides benefits – some of which can be much more valuable in the long run than money.

Bullshit excuses

It should go without saying, but if you keep allowing yourself to use the same bullshit excuses to excuse yourself from taking positive action & doing what you know is good for you, you’ll keep holding yourself back from making the progress you desire.

Always “strong”

When you act like you are always strong & never need help, people will assume it’s true.


1. Don’t be upset with others because you’re so good at appearing like you don’t need help that people believe you.

2. Don’t assume that the person who never seems like they could use a hand doesn’t appreciate being asked if they do.

Failure & unmet expectations

Even for the most resolute individuals, failure is always a possibility. But there is a huge difference between letting a setback mark the end of your journey and pushing forward – despite defeats – equipped with the knowledge you learned from the experience.

Not everything we do on our journey gets us the results we want, but setbacks only lead to long-term failure if we stop putting in the effort to make progress.

What we learn from failure & unmet expectations are an integral part of achieving goals.

Keep going.

Challenge what you believe

If you’re not ever willing to challenge what you believe, there’s a good chance that you’re harboring beliefs that no longer serve you. Or at the very least, harboring beliefs that are not a reflection of reality. Especially if you only surround yourself with people who believe the same things you do.

Put power in good things, not bad

We often betray ourselves when we give more weight to criticism from people we neither know or respect than we give to practical advice & positive feedback from people we do.

What you choose to dwell on can have a dramatic impact on how you feel. So it makes sense to pay attention to what you pay attention to and give more power to the things that are good for you than you give to those that are not.

Are you here to be human or are you here to be perfect?

Are you here to be human or are you here to be perfect? You can’t have both. The person who never recognizes ways in which they could have done something better isn’t growing. We’re all a work-in-progress. Accept mistakes as learning experiences and push forward.

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