The unique you is beautiful

The unique you is beautiful

Your quirks. Your interest in unusual things. The small things that bring you joy. The odd things you do because they feel right to you. The unique things that you find funny — or fascinating — these are the things about you that make you truly unique and different from others — and they are among, if not the most beautiful things about you.

It can take bravery to be yourself and exert your individuality, but the alternative — to conform — is to become less of an individual. While there is an implied comfort & safety in conformity, conformity represents the ordinary. The status quo. And it is the enemy of creativity.

It is ok to fit in, but to actively change yourself to be just like the crowd is to yield your personal power & influence to others.

Every time you change something unique about yourself in order to be just like someone else, a piece of the best part of you dies.

Don’t think of it as being “weird” or “different”, think of it as being limited edition. Be extraordinary. Not ordinary.

Originally Published on: Jul 8, 2013 @ 06:21


Normal is weirder than most people think

Normal is weirder than most people think

So many people put up a facade to appear “normal” when the fact is, true normal is a lot weirder than most people’s interpretation of normal would lead you to believe.

For the record, please feel free to be your weird-ass, quirky, imperfect self around me. I prefer it.

When you are feeling weak

When you are feeling weak

When you are feeling weak, always take a moment to remind yourself that you are a survivor of every hardship you’ve ever faced in life. You’ve consistently overcome the worst that life has thrown your way, year after year after year.

No one feels strong 100% of the time. Even the people you look up to and respect most in the world have been knocked down, felt unwell, or needed time to just breathe.

Life can be hard – resist the urge to beat yourself up further when it is. It’s ok to not be ok. Give yourself the time & mental space necessary to get better by refusing to focus on things that make you feel worse.

You will overcome whatever you are dealing with now, as you have with everything you’ve previously faced. This is but a very small part of your life. In the grand scheme of things, you’re doing ok. Keep going.

When you are feeling weak

If you’re weird, own that shit

If you're weird, own that shit

If you’re weird, own that shit. You don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed by it. In a world full of people doing their best to fit in, you don’t – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But if you don’t own your weirdness – or you allow yourself to be embarrassed by it – people who prefer the ordinary will often find ways to make you feel like a lesser person because of it.

The fact is, the things that make you unique – even if they’re weird – can be a source of great satisfaction & immense personal power in your life – but only if you fully accept them and refuse to see the things that make you stand out as flaws.

When you learn to use your uniqueness as a source of power instead of weakness, your whole world can change. Because another word for weird is remarkable. And the world is drawn to remarkable things.

Many people use the term “weird” as if it’s a bad thing, but it’s really not. Anyone can try to fit in – and many people spend their entire lives making sure they do – but the fact is, there’s nothing remarkable about conforming to a crowd.

You don’t need a million likes to matter

You don't need a million likes to matter

You don’t need a million likes to matter. People who are truly touched by what you offer are far more likely to express it in a way that is far more meaningful than mindlessly mashing a button.

Just because something appears popular doesn’t mean it’s meaningful. In fact, much of the most liked content online is quickly forgotten.

In a world of superficially soothing content, concern yourself less with how popular your posts are and concern yourself more with how much of an impact what you have to offer has on the people it truly matters to.

Mistakes and misery

Mistakes and misery

Just a reminder: making yourself feel miserable about your mistakes is optional.

While acknowledging mistakes is important, beating yourself up over history won’t change the past, but focusing on what you learned from the experience and moving on in a productive fashion can change the future.

Life is hard enough already without abusing yourself for things you can’t change. Focus on positive progress by changing what you can.

Likes and your life

Likes and your life

It is far more meaningful to receive a single acknowledgment for making a significant difference in one person’s life than it is to collect thousands of likes for something that will be forgotten in less than a minute.

At the end of your life, no one is going to care how many likes you got. And it’s highly likely that you won’t either.

Are you here to be human or are you here to be perfect?

Are you here to be human or are you here to be perfect?

Are you here to be human or are you here to be perfect? You can’t have both. The person who never recognizes ways in which they could have done something better isn’t growing. We’re all a work-in-progress. Accept mistakes as learning experiences and push forward.

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