These are facts

These are facts

We’ve polluted water sources so badly that you can’t swim in, let alone drink from them. We’ve caused or initiated the mass extinction of many species in exchange for strip malls and parking lots. We’ve made the air toxic to breathe in many places. And cases of cancer and disease are ever-increasing. These are facts.

And now, after over a century of doing things to destroy the environment for profit, there’s finally a growing movement to slow its destruction and quite possibly improve some things.

So if you could kindly get out of the fucking way of the people trying to make things better for future generations – in ways that don’t mean setting up trust funds for your grandchildren – that would be great. Thanks.


Warriors of love, light, and kindness

Warriors of love, light, and kindness

My heart goes out to every walking wound and broken heart who still chooses to be a source of light despite a world that repeatedly shows you darkness. Your struggles are rarely seen and the degree of pain you’ve experienced in life is felt by few. And as much as what you do goes unnoticed and unappreciated, you keep pushing forward with love, light, and kindness instead of apathy or darkness. You are truly heroes.

A heartfelt thank you for the thank you

A heartfelt thank you for the thank you

I received my first heartfelt “thank you” for my book this afternoon from a man who said the ending almost made him cry. Which sounds about right, because the ending almost made me cry when I wrote it.

It’s nice when emotions can transcend words like that. And I have to admit his “thanks” just now made me a little teary eyed.

He’s buying a copy for a friend. And says there are a number of lessons he wants his kids to read, so he’s “putting pages around the house”.

If that’s not one of the most complimentary things I’ve ever read, I don’t know what is.

Resist the urge for instant gratification

Artists writers & creators, resist the urge to seek instantgratification. What you unveil today is simply the foundation of all your future work. Likes are hollow. Focus on your skills. It often takes years before creations/creators deserving of recognition actually get it.

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