How to slow down time

One of the reasons life appears to pass more quickly as we age is because we become engrained in comfort. A lack of novelty in one’s life leads to time passing with little worth remembering.

If you want to slow down the rate at which your life appears to be passing you by, embrace new experiences, set new goals, and challenge yourself.

~ June 7, 2019

Building the world where your future self resides

Your current lifestyle, routines & habits are building the world where your future self resides.

By failing to be mindful of how your present-day actions affect the world that your future self has to live in, you’re far more likely to end up with a life that you neither wanted or planned for.

Your true potential

Don’t be deceived by a world that often implies that you can only be or do one thing in life.

Your true potential in life may lie in your unique combination of interests that will lead to an uncommon set of skills & knowledge that could ultimately result in you to doing or offering something that the world has never seen before.

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