“Happiness is a choice” isn’t helpful

Even if attaining a state of happiness was as simple as making a choice, telling someone who isn’t happy that “happiness is a choice” is as about as helpful as teaching someone how to fish by telling them that “there are fish in the sea”.



Every lifeguard is trained to understand that the deceptive thing about drowning is that it doesn’t look like what most people imagine. The same thing often applies to depression.

Just because a person isn’t flailing their arms in the water doesn’t mean they’re not drowning. And just because a person smiles doesn’t mean they’re not battling depression.

Potential awkwardness vs potential consequences

It’s ok to let people who seem perfectly fine know that you’re there for them and will listen without judgment if they ever just want to talk. Because the potential awkwardness in doing this is still far less significant than the potential consequences for not.

Anger is easy

Anger is easy. Try harder.

There are real problems and then there are the things people choose to focus on and respond to in anger because they’ve fooled themselves into believing that anger is a sign of strength. When in actuality, it’s a sign of weakness.

There is a time for anger, but rarely does it involve things that could easily be dismissed & totally forgotten if one just took a deep breath and moved on.


Accept yourself

No one cares about your insecurities & imperfections more than you do. The more that you accept & become comfortable with yourself – as you are – the less others will notice or care about the things that once seemed like such a big deal to you.

Feeling better

Is it possible that one of the reasons why you don’t feel as good as you could is because you’re focusing on all the things you don’t like in the world? And perhaps many of the people you’re close to and nearly all the new people in your life that you’ve bonded with are also focused on those things?

Perhaps if you focused more on the things you love and bonded with others who also love those things — even if you don’t share everything in common — you might feel better.

Because there’s still a lot to love and appreciate in the world and it’s easy to miss when you’re preoccupied with everything you don’t like. Maybe if we focused more on finding common things to appreciate it would lead to more respect & positive discourse in areas of our lives where we don’t always agree.

Just because someone doesn’t share your views doesn’t make them a bad person.

How you carry on makes a difference.

If the current state of the world makes you angry, upset, fearful, or depressed, you are not alone. There are legitimately scary things happening. And while you may feel overwhelmed and like there’s nothing that you as an individual can do, understand that how you carry on makes a difference. Refuse to let others or the state of the world turn you into someone you don’t want to be.

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