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Dear people who boast about how successful they are...
Integrity, you can't buy that shit.
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I remember sitting in my car, wallowing in self-doubt a few years ago, and wondering if anything I was doing was making any kind of difference.

Because if it was, I couldn’t see it.

I felt so small. Invisible, even.

I contemplated giving up. Withdrawing and disappearing.

Because if I was doing everything I was capable — at the time — of doing (and I felt — and still feel — like I was), and it still wasn’t yielding results, then what was the point of doing anything at all?

And just now I received an email from someone who stated that something I wrote back then played an integral part in a fork in their life.

In short, it changed their life. Changed. Their. Life.

And seriously, the contrast of knowing what I was feeling back then and reading this email now makes my eyes water.

So please understand a lesson that’s taken me a fair amount of time to learn, just because you may feel invisible at times doesn’t mean you aren’t being seen.

It may just be that acknowledgment of whatever positive contribution you are making to the world may take a while to get back to you.

They say that all goals should be measurable, but sometimes we try looking for results too soon — and because we don’t see them, we give up thinking we haven’t gotten any.

I’m here to say again that not everything of value can be measured.

Don’t give up on something you really want to do just because you don’t see immediate results.



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Dear people who boast about how successful they are...
Integrity, you can't buy that shit.
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