If you want more time

Time is one of the most powerful tools in every person’s toolbox. But like all tools, it isn’t of much use if it isn’t used effectively.

Learning to manage one’s time in an efficient manner is one of the most effective ways to free up more time to manage in an efficient manner.

If you want more time to do more things, find ways to make better use of your time. And this begins by making your time a priority in your life.

While, learning to say “No” to people is an important step towards freeing up time, if you don’t follow through by making efficient use of that time – even if that means relaxing – you are wasting it.

Don’t be fooled. There is a difference between wasting time in a way that makes your life enjoyable and wasting time by failing to be mindful of how you’re choosing to spend it.

If you want more time in your day, be mindful of how you spend it.

Focus, attitude, and actions

The trajectory of your life is largely determined what you choose to focus on, the attitude you harbor when you focus on it, and the actions you take as a result. And each of these things is completely within your power to control.

Yes, sh*t happens, but whether it’s an obstacle on the way to your goals, rejection that stings, or an unexpected negative event, it is not the end of your journey.

Rest up & refocus if you need to, learn what you can from the experience, and then push forward.

The more you implement this strategy into your life, the more progress you’ll make and the more resilient you’ll become.

Potential awkwardness vs potential consequences

It’s ok to let people who seem perfectly fine know that you’re there for them and will listen without judgment if they ever just want to talk. Because the potential awkwardness in doing this is still far less significant than the potential consequences for not.

Anger is easy

Anger is easy. Try harder.

There are real problems and then there are the things people choose to focus on and respond to in anger because they’ve fooled themselves into believing that anger is a sign of strength. When in actuality, it’s a sign of weakness.

There is a time for anger, but rarely does it involve things that could easily be dismissed & totally forgotten if one just took a deep breath and moved on.


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