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Stand behind your work

Touching people's lives
Your life vs disapproval
Thank you for visiting. If you find my work of value, please consider sharing it with someone or telling them about my book. Your word of mouth is absolutely essential in helping me to reach even more people who find value in it. Please also note that this site's posts have not been updated to match their edited, revised, or rewritten counterparts in my book. Thank you. ~ Zero Dean

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If people want to appreciate you for something you’ve created – even if you see flaws in it – let them. It is entirely OK to be appreciated & recognized for the things you create even if you’re better now than you were when you created them.

Don’t disparage your work just because you can see flaws in it. If it’s obvious to you what you could have done better, that’s proof you’ve grown. And that’s something to be proud of. And if you created something that people admire, that’s something to be proud of, too.

Don’t deny yourself the recognition for previous accomplishments just because you’ve improved in the time since you accomplished them.

Touching people's lives
Your life vs disapproval

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