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Whether it’s a smile on someone’s face or a look of gratitude in their eyes, every day is an opportunity to bring something wonderful to the world that won’t exist in the universe until you — and you alone — create it.

Every single moment in our lives is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. And although the positive moments we share with others can sometimes seem insignificant, never underestimate the power they can have on those who are affected by them.

Every time you perform an act of kindness, you generate a wave of positive energy that didn’t exist in that form before you created it. That wave creates ripples that can be both long-lasting and far-reaching.

Create and contribute to these ripples whenever you can and you may just find you attract more of the types of positive moments you desire in your life.

The people you encounter in your life are always much more likely to treat you with kindness when they witness or experience your kindness, your compassion, your generosity, and your willingness & desire to find ways to be helpful or make things more convenient for others.

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