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“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours.” — Zero Dean

My name is Zero Dean.

Thanks to celebrities like Elizabeth Gilbert, Tommy Chong, and others my work has been shared with an audience of millions. In 2015, in the span of just a couple months, my “Not everyone will understand your journey” quote was shared with over 30 million people on Facebook alone (sadly, without attribution). It has also been plagiarized a number of times — and by people you probably wouldn’t expect. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re familiar with some version of the quote, but my name doesn’t ring a bell. That’s the internet for you.

After 8 years of writing, I recently published my first book. It’s called, Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled Volume 1 and it consists of approximately 400 potentially life-changing lessons for men & women of all ages.

And believe me, I wouldn’t dare be so bold as to toss around words like “life-changing” if I hadn’t received feedback from multiple people claiming it truly was for them.


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I share lessons to help people find the courage, confidence, motivation, and self-discipline needed to overcome life’s challenges. Everything I share is based on real-life experiences and an ongoing journey along the path less traveled.

Because posts are written in response to life experiences, current ruminations, or lessons learned from my journey (2010 to present), there is no set schedule or agenda (other than to provide value).

No ads • No sponsors • No seminars • No “secrets to success” • No mystical motivation • No insincere enthusiasm • No superficial ego-boosting posts • No manipulative marketing tactics • No emphasis on materialism over happiness • No desire to imitate anyone or conform to the status quo • No insistent requests to subscribe to blog or follow on social media • No hidden agenda • No one to impress. • No hypocrisy — I live in congruence with the lessons I share. Love it or hate it. Content is written to be helpful and meaningful, not perfect or popular or designed for likes.
Contrast is good
You may not always like what’s happening in your life, but nothing provides a person with as much potential appreciation
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If you have the power to change something that is holding you back, and you don’t…
Your diet, your health, your job, your career, your relationships… If you have the power to change something that is
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Don’t act like your story is over. It isn’t.
Don’t act like your story is over. It isn’t. You still have cool shit to do. Do it.
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Self-imposed limitations: A tough pill to swallow
Excerpt from: A tough pill to swallow Self-imposed limitations: A tough pill to swallow People have the power to change
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Help create a perpetual kindness machine…
Help create a perpetual kindness machine by actively helping to support and encourage those who help support and encourage others.
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You don’t need anyone’s approval to genuinely like what you like.
Music, movies, books, tv, fashion, art, animals, people, even Facebook statuses — whatever it may be — you don’t need
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Setting the table of your life.
“Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer nothingness is, in fact, the reservoir of infinite possibilities.” —
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