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Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled™ by Zero Dean

Independent personal development observations, ruminations, reminders, and teachings by Zero Dean based on real-life experiences and an eight+ year journey intentionally living beyond comfort.

Because my posts are written in response to life experiences, current ruminations, or lessons learned from my journey (2010 to present), there is no set schedule or agenda (other than to provide value).

Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled™ reaches a *combined audience of over 300,000 people per month (*includes social media).

No ads • No sponsors • No affiliate marketing links • No annoying pop-ups • No seminars • No free ebooks • No “secrets to success” • No mystical motivation • No insincere enthusiasm • No superficial ego-boosting posts • No manipulative marketing tactics • No emphasis on materialism over happiness • No desire to imitate anyone or conform to the status quo • No insistent requests to subscribe to blog or follow on social media • No hidden agenda • No one to impress. • No hypocrisy — I live in congruence with the lessons I share. Love it or hate it. Content is written to be helpful and meaningful, not perfect or popular or designed for likes.

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Living in harmony
Being able to live in harmony with others is largely dependent on being able to effectively communicate with those who
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Strive for authenticity
Bit by bit we create fictitious relationships with people when how we act isn’t congruent with who we truly are.
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“That’s just the way things are.”
Abuse. Aggression. Disease. Dishonesty. Disrespect. Unrest. Corruption. Cronyism. Loss of freedom and privacy. The longer we tolerate things that we
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Just because it sounds good doesn’t make it true
Just because it sounds good doesn’t make it true. Always seek the whole truth, not just the version that pleases
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When compassionate souls sit silent
It is a sad day when compassionate souls sit silent and leave unchallenged abuses and acts of aggression out of
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Don’t make excuses for the monsters in your life
People will often go to great lengths to ignore obvious warning signs, red flags, and common sense in order to
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Banish darkness by spreading light
Remember that a dark world is a perfect place to cast your light. Inspire, encourage, empower, support, and appreciate. Banish
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Always be the best version of yourself
Refuse to let the decline of inspiring leadership, integrity, personal responsibility, and rational thinking deter you from setting the best
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When the state of the world gets you down
When the state of the world gets you down, remember to focus on what is within your power to change.
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