If you’re amazing, show it

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If you ever want someone to talk to, someone to help you work through something, or simply someone to bounce ideas off of, I’m here.

I don’t believe in shouting superficial things to strangers, like, “You’re beautiful!” or “You’re amazing!” or “It’s going to be ok.”

But I do believe in providing a meaningful & sincere connection, encouragement, and a non-judgmental listening ear to anyone who could really use one.

And if that’s something you can do for others, I highly recommend it.

Certainly much more than pretending that shouting “You’re awesome!” to complete strangers in exchange for likes is actually meaningful and helpful.

Superficial help provides superficial short-term relief.

Everyone loves to hear how beautiful or awesome they are. And it can provide a short-term relief, but it doesn’t provide long-term results.

People who actually want real help and have a desire for a real connection have a knack for seeing through insincerity and bullshit.

If you fish for likes by making shallow attempts to appear helpful, I challenge you to do better.

If you want to help people, help people. Don’t pretend you are by trying to collect likes in the process.

Lead by example.

I’ve said it before, the best coaches don’t tell you what you want to hear. They challenge you to do better and say what needs to be said. Whether you like exactly how they say it or not.

“If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.”

I don’t write for likes, to appeal to the masses, or to connect with everyone. I write to make a difference with the few people that what I have to say truly connects with in a meaningful way.

Today it might be you. Tomorrow it might be someone else.

If you think I write stuff because I don’t care about people or I just want to piss people off, you are greatly mistaken. Quite the opposite, it’s because I care a great deal.

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