If you like it, encourage it.

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If you like it, encourage it.
If you admire it, say so.
If you appreciate it, express it.

Be the change.

The world in which we live is not some static thing. It changes. But change starts with the individual. You. Me. And people we cross paths with.

You are more influential than you think.

If you want to see more of something in your life, start by doing the things you want to see more of.

Even when you think no one is watching.

Promote good ideas.
Discuss solutions.
Talk about what you love.
Share your enthusiasm.
Readily admit your mistakes.
Try new things.
Encourage tolerance.
Keep an open mind.
Stop bad habits & start good ones.

And don’t be afraid of failure. Just learn from your mistakes and strive for progress, not perfection.

You may never know who you influence, but if you set a good example, you’ll never have to worry about how.

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