False information spreads faster than facts

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Due to its often controversial or novel nature, false information spreads faster than facts. And this is exacerbated by the fact that people are much more inclined to share information that affirms their beliefs – without questioning its accuracy – than they are to share anything that casts doubt on what they assume is true.

Always keep in mind that it is not just what you know, but how you know what you know that matters. Not every source from which you receive news & information is accurate. If you don’t occasionally question what you know and where you learned it, you leave no room to discover that what you believe to be true is actually false.

In the modern world where controversy drives engagement and engagement ensures advertising revenue, people are much more likely to be presented with false, inaccurate, deceptive, or fictional information than they are with facts.

Just because it sounds good doesn’t make it true. Always seek the whole truth, not just the version that pleases you.

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Appreciate the living
"They deserve it"
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