Extraordinary isn’t normal. It’s different.

The process of becoming who we are
The courage to do what's right
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Extraordinary people are not normal.

They play the game in unconventional ways. They walk the edge. They take risks. They challenge the status quo. They push their boundaries to see how far they can go.

Extraordinary is different.

If you want extraordinary things in your life, you either have to do uncommon things to make those things possible or you have to have the courage to let unusual and uncommon things into your life when they present themselves to you.

No, not every uncommon experience, opportunity, or person you encounter in your life will lead to extraordinary things, but the alternative is to maintain the status quo and gamble on the remote possibility that continuing to do and accept the same things in your life as you always have will somehow lead to different — extraordinary — results.

Don’t wait for extraordinary things to happen. Make the changes necessary in yourself and your life to allow them to happen.

You can start by broadening your perspective, increasing your tolerance for things that are different from you are accustomed to, and consciously pushing beyond your comfort zone.

Every new day is an opportunity for something extraordinary to happen. Don’t miss out because you rejected it for being, feeling, or looking different than what you considered “normal”.

Extraordinary isn’t normal. It’s *different.

*Different from what you are used to. What’s normal or common to one person isn’t necessarily normal or common to another.

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” — Jim Rohn



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The process of becoming who we are
The courage to do what's right
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