Don’t you ever give up

It's your life. Never stop having fun with it.
If you want kindness, be kind.
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You may be hurting. And feeling powerless. And feeling tired. You may be surrounded by people and still feeling alone in the world.

But you will get through this. And you will be stronger because of it.

There are kind people in the world that you don’t even know, who would do anything in their power to help lift you up, if they could. But in order for it to really make a difference, you’re the one who has to do it.

You have something inside of you that is stronger than anything holding you down.

You have to find the strength to focus on what really matters to you. Your loves. Your joys. The things that make you laugh, and smile, and make you want to share it with the world.

You may not always feel like it, but you make a bigger difference in the world than you can possibly imagine. Your smile alone can change someone’s day for the better. And that single day can lead to unimaginable good things in the future.

The ripple effect of a single act of kindness can change an entire life.

You may sometimes feel like the whole world is against you, but it just isn’t true. There are countless people who don’t even know you, but care greatly about you and your well-being. If you’ve ever been smiled at by a complete stranger, then you experienced just a tiny glimpse of this. It may sometimes feel like no one cares, but they do. I promise you — they do.

Life is hard. And it isn’t fair. And it really hurts like hell sometimes. But if you focus on what is within your power to change for the better, you can. And you will.

So please, find a way. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But keep trying.

And never give up.
Don’t you ever give up.


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It's your life. Never stop having fun with it.
If you want kindness, be kind.
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