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How you carry on makes a difference.

If the current state of the world makes you angry, upset, fearful, or depressed, you are not alone. There are legitimately scary things happening. And while you may feel overwhelmed and like there’s nothing that you as an individual can do, understand that how you carry on makes a difference. Refuse to let others or the state of the world turn you into someone you don’t want to be.

Fix the problem not the symptoms

If you are unreasonably disturbed by simple things that could easily be ignored, this is likely a sign of much larger issues in your life than those you are choosing to get upset about.

It is far more positive & productive to focus on fixing the real source of one’s problems than it is to punish others as if they were the issue.

What would The Rock do?

Just want to take a moment to highlight how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson talks to and about people, his career, his family, and his life.

The love, care, passion, sincerity & gratitude is obvious even when he isn’t explicitly pointing it out. This is a very wealthy man who doesn’t make other people feel poor. And the world is a brighter place because of it.

He sets a very high bar, but just imagine if more people — especially those in power — tried to reach it.

I don’t think the journey to get there is a secret. It starts with being sincere, grateful for what you have, and leading your life with love for others and not being consumed with love of money, power, fame, or hatred of other people.

Dear meme makers…

Dear meme makers,

Please spare the world from your “the most important thing you can ever do or decision you can ever make is…” statements. There are over 7 billion people on the planet. There is no single recipe for living a fulfilling & rewarding life or being successful or happy that meets the needs of all people.

If a personal development meme goes to extremes by using phrases like “the best” “the most” “always” “never” or tries to tell you what you “need” without providing context or qualifiers, it is likely, at the very least, an opinion and not a fact. And at the most, frankly, superficial bullshit designed to sound good and gain likes without actually helping anyone.

Society’s love/hate relationship with unconventional behavior

Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled by Zero Dean

Society has a love/hate relationship with unconventional behavior. Celebrating those who think & act differently is at the heart of countless stories that people adore.

Many of people’s favorite characters in books & entertainment are eccentric. And we always root for the underdog & love the hero’s journey. And yet, when it comes to real life, we often dismiss those who choose to do things differently.

Is it because we don’t know who to root for or show our love to when we aren’t explicitly told it’s ok?

If you are tired of artificial and superficial people

If you’re tired of all the artificial & superficial personalities with fake enthusiasm catering to your ego & sense of selfworth so they can get you to buy more shit you don’t need so you can finally be happy or successful, stop giving them your attention & business.

Read moreIf you are tired of artificial and superficial people

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