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Make it a day of positivity & kindness

The world has enough people acting badly, spewing negativity, and making life unpleasant for others – and every single one of them feels justified for doing so.

We can do better. In every single one of your encounters today – whether online or in the real world – look for ways to support & encourage people. Seek out opportunities to make others smile. And put in the effort to create memories worth having.

Remember that every person you encounter has feelings. And that sometimes the person you think might have no need for your kind words & encouragement is the one that could use them the most.

I’m not that gullible

People in cults often look upon their leaders so highly that they’re willing to overlook red flags and bad behavior. All because of perpetual promises that are never met. And in the worst cases, cult followers suffer or die as a consequence.

And others think, “That would never happen to me because I’m not that gullible.”

You don’t have to be in a cult to fall victim to the influence of people who say they support you while never actually doing you any favors.

Feeling better

Is it possible that one of the reasons why you don’t feel as good as you could is because you’re focusing on all the things you don’t like in the world? And perhaps many of the people you’re close to and nearly all the new people in your life that you’ve bonded with are also focused on those things?

Perhaps if you focused more on the things you love and bonded with others who also love those things — even if you don’t share everything in common — you might feel better.

Because there’s still a lot to love and appreciate in the world and it’s easy to miss when you’re preoccupied with everything you don’t like. Maybe if we focused more on finding common things to appreciate it would lead to more respect & positive discourse in areas of our lives where we don’t always agree.

Just because someone doesn’t share your views doesn’t make them a bad person.

Sleights of mind

Are you so focused on what a person who shares your views is saying that you fail to see how badly they’re acting when they say it? Because the people who oppose those views see it and no matter how much you may agree with what’s being said, if it’s said in a nasty and hateful way – or resembles something a school bully might say – it isn’t helping your cause. It’s simply setting a bad example.

Refuse to be blind

Refuse to be blind to the impact your insults, hateful remarks, and derogatory statements intended to hurt those you oppose are having on the world. Every time you justify acting badly because someone else is acting badly, you are giving permission to other people to do the same.

You’re not making the world a better place by adding hate, you’re just making the world a hateful place.

If you want more [ kindness – love – level-headedness – logic – tolerance – understanding – respect…] in the world, put some there.

Dealing with disinformation: Think before you act or react

The amount of disinformation that is going to be spread between now and the next election is going to be unlike anything ever seen or experienced before. And it’s already starting.

It is going to be used to get people to react emotionally. It is going to be used to divide people. It is going to be used to cause confusion. And distrust. And fear. And some of it will be used to incite violence. And some of it will lead to people’s deaths. Possibly many.

And we are by no means prepared for it because we are all still vulnerable to it. And that’s scary.

Try to always keep in mind who you truly want to be and how you truly want to act. And try to think with reason before you act or jump to conclusions. No matter how much something makes you want to respond. No matter how wrong you think something is. Because even with the best of intentions, if your emotions and your knee-jerk reaction can be used against you, it likely will be.

Everyone wants a better future except…

Everyone wants a better future except for anyone who stands to lose something if things change. And so those who profit from the status quo will do everything in their power to resist progress and keep things as they are. This includes spending vast amounts of money to convince people that the progress they seek is impossible. Or if it is possible, it’s undesirable for some reason. Neither of which is true.

The fact is, these people & companies are only looking out for their own self-interest and bottom line and care very little about yours. They don’t want you to benefit from anything if it means that they stand to lose money, power, or influence. And so they use each of these things to fight change & progress in every way possible. Because if you win, they lose.

Thank you.

If you go out of your way to be friendly and nice to people, for no reason other than it just feels good or like the right thing to do, THANK YOU.

Even if (and when) it means people don’t always see or appreciate it, THANK YOU.

Even if your desire to help others or make them more comfortable sometimes gets you into trouble, THANK YOU.

Even if what you did was “no trouble” or “the easiest thing to do” or “any decent human being would have done it”, THANK YOU.

Even if you do these things without the need for acknowledgment, THANK YOU.

Because if you’ve done these things, you’ve touched many lives, including my own — directly or indirectly — and you deserve to be thanked whether you think you do or not.


And please carry on doing what you do, like I know you will, whether you read this or not.

You rock. THANK YOU.

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