About Zerosophy

zero-dean-alchemist-225x300Hi. My name is Zero Dean (yes, that’s my birth name).

Over six years ago, I quit my job, terminated my lease, and sold (or donated) nearly everything I own to embark on a journey beyond my comfort zone.

Zerosophy was born out of my desire to share the lessons I’ve learned since radically changing the trajectory of my life.

My posts are written in response to real-life experiences, current ponderings, or as a counterpoint to what I consider potentially misguided memes.

What I’m up to…

I’m currently working on my book and hope to eventually speak at engagements about its subject matter and the experiences that triggered it.

I’d also love to give a TED talk about the value of intentionally living beyond comfort.

Besides Zerosophy, I also have a sort of “web comic” (Zero Talking) and dabble in photography.

Click here for details about my new book.
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