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Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled by Zero DeanHi. My name is Zero Dean (yes, that’s my birth name).

I began a new life back in 2009 when I quit my job, terminated my lease, and sold (or donated) nearly everything I own to embark on a journey beyond my comfort zone.

Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled&x2122; was born out of my desire to share the lessons I’ve learned since radically changing the trajectory of my life.

My posts are written in response to real-life experiences, current ponderings, or as a counterpoint to what I consider potentially misguided memes.

What I’m up to…

I just published the first volume of my book series and plan on beginning the second soon.

I also hope to eventually speak at engagements about its subject matter and the experiences that triggered it.

I’d also love to give a TED talk about the value of intentionally living beyond comfort.

Besides Zerosophy, I also have a sort of “web comic” (Zero Talking) and dabble in photography.

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