12 ways to find encouragement.

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The following is an exchange the took place last night as a result of someone commenting on this post. While what I wrote was just a comment (a long one), I shared it with someone who said, “That’s not a comment, that’s a blog post.” So I’ve decided to share it here in case any finds any value in it.

Miss Discouraged wrote:

From what I see about this blog. I saw a bit of myself. As far as I am concerned, I’ve been discouraged for so long. its starting to become extremely hard to find that part of myself again. Any help or advice to remove discouragement? I’ve been trying hard to pick myself up and again and still start believing that I can still achieve my dreams.

Hey MD —

Without knowing your story, this is what I’d say…

Ways to find encouragement series:

Ok, I could write more, but I’m losing steam (it’s late here)… lemme know if this is at all helpful or if there’s something specific you’d like to hear my thoughts on. Like I said, this is pretty general because I don’t know your story.

In any case, I think on some level you know you’re not going to stay discouraged forever — which is GOOD. :) Sometimes we just need a little kickstart to break our thought patterns from what we don’t want to what we DO want.



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