Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled Volume 1 by Zero Dean

“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours.” — Zero Dean

My name is Zero Dean. Since 2010, the lessons I’ve shared have reached an audience in the millions. In 2015, my “Not everyone will understand your journey” quote was shared with over 30 MILLION people on Facebook alone.

In December 2018, I published my first book. It’s called Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled Volume 1 and you can find it on Amazon sites worldwide. It includes the above quote and approximately 400 other potentially life-changing lessons for men & women of all ages.

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I share lessons to help people find the courage, confidence, motivation, and self-discipline needed to overcome life’s challenges. Everything I share is based on real-life experiences and an ongoing journey along the path less traveled.

Because posts are written in response to life experiences, current ruminations, or lessons learned from my journey (2010 to present), there is no set schedule or agenda (other than to provide value).

No ads • No sponsors • No seminars • No “secrets to success” • No mystical motivation • No insincere enthusiasm • No superficial ego-boosting posts • No manipulative marketing tactics • No emphasis on materialism over happiness • No desire to imitate anyone or conform to the status quo • No insistent requests to subscribe to blog or follow on social media • No hidden agenda • No one to impress. • No hypocrisy — I live in congruence with the lessons I share. Love it or hate it. Content is written to be helpful and meaningful, not perfect or popular or designed for likes.
Work to achieve goals regardless of the circumstances
#Goals. Yes, you can try to make your life & environment “perfectly suitable” to achieve your goal. But you become
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Thinking different hypocrisy
Many people who say they support uniqueness still negatively judge & actively reject things that are #different & openly mock
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Evil is as evil does
Celebrating #cruelty, #intolerance, and #injustice, encouraging acts of #aggression, and sympathizing with those who #hate & #discriminate sure sound like
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Society is influenced by example
People are influenced by example. Years of bad behavior on reality TV, abusive internet comments, a focus on superficiality &
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Pick potent over popular
People who play it safe as a means to be liked (or get likes) by only promoting or supporting what’s
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Personal responsibility is a sign of confidence
Don’t know something? Admit it Make a #mistake? Own it & don’t make it someone else’s #problem Make a mess?
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Don’t quit before you’re proud
#Goals. If you have to console yourself after quitting, feel the need to play up being disappointed, or feel guilty
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Goals. Don’t quit when…
#Goals. Don’t quit when you’re angry. Don’t quit when you’re tired. Don’t quit when you’re upset. Don’t quit when you’re
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Imagine if making a difference was more valued than likes
#ImagineIf more people stopped seeking a constant stream of #likes & #shares and instead started working for the far more
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Imagine a better education system
#ImagineIf #teachers were regarded with the same high degree of #respect (& compensated accordingly) as other higher-paying professions that often
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